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Unwanted pests making you feel unsafe and uncomfortable in your own home? Worried bugs will destroy your business reputation? In need of pre-purchase inspections before you invest in a new property?

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control is your local Victorian pest control team, backed by Australia’s largest and most trusted brand name.

Our experienced pest control technicians are local residents who live in Melbourne and regional Victoria, just like you – so we understand the pests you’re facing and the most effective way to eliminate them.

We offer a range of 100% pet-safe pest control and pest control services, with each technician and termite inspector fully trained, licensed and insured. Whether you need pests exterminated or removed, we’ve got the lasting solution to suit your needs.


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Has your home been cleared of termites?

Termites attack 1 in 5 Victorian homes in their lifetime. A silent enemy, termites cause millions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses every year – none of which is covered by insurance.

At Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria we offer:


Pre-Purchase Termite

Non-Invasive Termite
Control Programs

Non-Invasive Termite
Preventative Programs

Don’t let your next major investment become a lasting regret. Across pre-purchase timber inspections and annual termite inspections, our comprehensive reports provide the tick of approval you need to make informed decisions.

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What pests can we help you with?


Termites cause millions of dollars in damages to Victorian homes every year. Also known as white ants, termite damage isn’t covered by insurance and can quickly spiral past $100,000, $200,000 and more. Don’t risk your greatest financial asset, call Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria for all your termite control needs.

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Bed bugs are a painful and unwanted pest that are next to impossible to eradicate with over-the-counter sprays. The wrong aerosol spray or cleaning product can drive bed bugs to more rooms in your home. At Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria we help you sleep tight, without letting the bed bugs bite.

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You love your pets, so there’s no room for fleas in your home. When your pet is itching, suffering and in pain, you need a flea control solution that’s 100% safe and effective – and that’s exactly what Jim’s Termite & Pest Control provides to loving pet-owners. We also offer End of Lease flea control for your peace of mind.

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Australia is home to over 2,400 species of spider and NONE of them belong in your home. At Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria we know what it takes to effectively find, target and eliminate every species of spider so you can relax in your own home without any eight-legged distractions.

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Ant control is a challenging task for any homeowner. Even without a risk of bites or injury, a handful of ants in your kitchen or laundry can quickly become an army that claims your house as their own. Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria provides affordable, lasting ant eradication.

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Food, shelter and warmth attract cockroaches that spread disease and contaminate your food. Unfortunately, these pests live in enormous populations so if you’ve spotted the odd cockroach in the kitchen or bathroom, call Jim’s Termite & Pest Control to exterminate the thousands of cockroaches living just out of sight.

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Rodents love the comfort of a safe and warm space, which means Victoria’s cooler climate can drive rats and mice into your home at any time. Notorious pests that cause stress, sickness and thousands of dollars in damages, Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria are your local rodent control experts.

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Possums are a native Australian animal that won’t harm you or your family – but that doesn’t stop them from chewing electrical wiring, causing expensive damages to your roof, and keeping you awake all night. Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria offer fast, non-lethal possum control for your peace of mind.

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Wasp stings have the potential to cause life-threatening allergies as well as severe pain for adults, children and pets. If you’ve spotted a wasp nest in your home or business, don’t risk your health and safety. Contact Jim’s Termite & Pest Control for permanent eradication.

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Not all pests need to be exterminated. At Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria we appreciate and respect the role bees play in Australia’s delicate ecosystem, which is why we’ve worked with local partners to safely remove over one million bees, their honeycomb and hives.

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Silverfish are shy, fast-moving pests that love to hide in your laundry, kitchen, bathroom, garage and pantry. It’s easy to ignore silverfish, but unchecked colonies will attract spiders and cockroaches looking for food. Avoid the nasty health risk and call Jim’s Termite & Pest Control today.

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Birds rely on your home for shelter, protection from predators, breeding and food. Whether it’s pesky pigeons or an irate Indian Myna – the noise, structural damage and unhygienic droppings are all problems you can do without. Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria supports animal-friendly bird control.

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Safe for your pets, home and business

At Jim’s Termite & Pest Control we pride ourselves on offering safe, reliable pest control.

While unregulated cowboys and unlicensed businesses see harsh chemicals as the solution to every infestation, we treat your home with the custom approach it deserves.

Our pest control methods are rigorously tested and delivered as pet-safe, people-first treatments. Whether we’re targeting cockroaches, rats, spiders or silverfish, each treatment option is designed to keep your loved ones and furry friends safe, while exterminating your infestation.

Don’t put your home and health at risk. Call a Jim’s Termite & Pest Control licenced technician today.

Contact Jim’s Termite & Pest Control today for eco-friendly pest control that’s fast, affordable and lasting.

Jim’s work guarantee

There’s no room for error where your home or business is concerned.

At Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria we pride ourselves on our market-leading pest control strategies and non-toxic chemicals that protect your pets, children and family – while delivering lethal eradication programs to the pests in your home.

This guarantee is unlimited for work done by Jim’s Group Franchisees, and up to the posted limit for independent contractors.

  1. If you are not satisfied with the job, we will inspect it and have any problems fixed. If we believe the job is good and you do not, we will jointly agree on an independent expert to provide a report at our expense, and fix any problems found. Until this is done, you need not pay for the job. If problems are not fixed within a fortnight, any advance will be refunded.
  2. Only if no problems are found by the expert, will you be asked to pay the agreed price for the job and half the cost of the report.
  3. If the job is done to get your bond back on leaving a rental property, the job is only good when the agent or landlord is satisfied.
  4. If payment is made in advance and the job not done, the payment will be refunded.

Whether you’re dealing with termites, cockroaches, spiders or any other creepy-crawly that’s stressful and unhygienic, Jim’s Termite & Pest Control are the fast, affordable and proven solution.