Silverfish are shy, fast-moving pests that love to hide in your laundry, kitchen, bathroom, garage and pantry. It’s easy to ignore silverfish, but unchecked colonies will attract spiders and cockroaches looking for food. Avoid the nasty health risk and call Jim’s Termite & Pest Control today.

Your favourite books, your family photo albums, your pile of laundry. Silverfish don’t eat other pests – they’re known for their destructive eating habits that destroy your most treasured possessions. If you’ve seen a silverfish you may be tempted to use a can of bug spray, or even ignore the problem. When it’s “just one bug” it’s hard to justify a call to your local exterminator.

Unfortunately, silverfish predators like spiders and cockroaches may start infesting your property in search of a reliable source of food. If you’ve spotted silverfish in your home, contact Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria for a fast and affordable solution.

How to protect your home against silverfish

At Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria we want to help keep your costs down and your home free of silverfish. To reduce your likelihood of infestation, use the following silverfish prevention tips.

Dehumidify your home:

Silverfish love damp environments. By reducing the humidity in your home you can remove their preferred conditions.

Vacuum your home:

Vacuuming once a week removes any excess food sources and sucks silverfish eggs from carpet and floorboards.

Put food sources away:

Silverfish feed on starch found in books, photos and clothes. Keep these possessions off the floor and your home tidy.

Caulk cracks and crevices:

Silverfish love damp, dark crevices. Fill in any small openings to keep silverfish out

Why Choose Jim’s Termite & Pest Control for your silverfish infestation?

Health First:

Silverfish build nests close to food which can contaminate the food you eat every day

Cockroach Control:

Predators like cockroaches feed on silverfish and will happily move into your home to feast

Protect Your Possessions:

Silverfish eat photos, books and clothes, with a large colony able to destroy your belongings


Spotting a set of antennae as a silverfish bursts from your favourite book is a stress you can do without

Custom Treatment:

Our custom treatment plans attack silverfish at the source for lasting eradication