Rats & Mice

Rodents love the comfort of a safe and warm space, which means Victoria’s cooler climate can drive rats and mice into your home at any time. Notorious pests that cause stress, sickness and thousands of dollars in damages, Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria are your local rodent control experts.

Have you noticed droppings or heard scratching noises in your home? Rodents prefer to avoid human contact, so it’s crucial you keep an eye out for signs of infestation. If you’ve got pets you may also notice frequent scratching or clawing at walls – don’t ignore these red flags or you risk structural repairs costing tens of thousands of dollars.

We understand the need to protect your pets, so our rodent control plans use secure bait stations with zero risk of secondary poisoning – rats can enter our custom traps to ingest bait, but pets can’t.

Our comprehensive rodent control program includes:

Rodent bait stations

Rodent traps

Rodent tracking powder

Don’t let rats and mice put your health and safety at risk. Contact Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria on 131 546 for affordable and lasting rodent control.

Why you need to remove rodents ASAP

More than a distressing pest, rats and mice spread disease and can contaminate the food in your home. It’s easy to assume you’re protected from rats if you’ve only seen them in your yard and not in your home, but rodents are capable of causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages to your property behind walls and in sub-floor voids.

Rodents continually gnaw their teeth to prevent them from growing too long, so the noises you hear in your roof or walls are rats and mice gnawing on your wiring, your pipes, and your ducted AC. Over time this structural damage adds up to require costly repairs that come out of your pocket.

If you’ve noticed signs of rats and mice, it’s crucial you act fast and organise a professional extermination plan today.

Why Choose Jim’s Termite & Pest Control for your rat & mice infestation?

Protect Your Health:

Rodents spread nasty diseases through their droppings and urine, making you, your pets or your family sick

Prevent Infestation:

Rats bring fleas, ticks and mites which can attract even more insects that come to feed

Protect Your Business:

Rats and mice in a business can destroy customer trust and lead to significant loss of revenue

Pet Friendly:

Our rodent bait is accessible to rats and mice only, allowing pests in but keeping pets out

Custom Rodent Control:

We combine inspection, baiting, traps and tracking powder for complete eradication