Ant control is a challenging task for any homeowner. Even without a risk of bites or injury, a handful of ants in your kitchen or laundry can quickly become an army that claims your house as their own. Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria provides affordable, lasting ant eradication.

Your home offers the perfect environment for ants, with food, shelter and warmth bringing thousands of insects into your floors, roof void, wall cavities and backyard. No matter how well you wrap your leftovers or organise your pantry, ants will find the food in your home and grow their numbers.

A can of Mortein might kill a handful of ants, but as long as the nest survives you’ll be stuck with an infestation. At Jim’s Termite Pest Control Victoria we offer lasting ant control programs at the most affordable prices. Call today on 131 546 for a fast and free quote.

Our simple 4-step ant control solution


We’ll carry out a thorough inspection of your home or business. No two properties are the same, so we don’t use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.


We apply specific bait licensed and formulated for ant control. All bait is 100% safe around kids and pets, and applied out of reach for your peace of mind.


Ants move over every surface in your home looking for food. We dust your roof void, subfloor and wall cavities to kill ants and colonies at every touchpoint.

Surface Spray

We apply surface spray to the perimeter of your home or business to destroy ant colonies and protect against future ant infestations.

Why Choose Jim’s Termite & Pest Control for your ant infestation?

Ant Experts:

We eradicate all Victorian ant species for your peace of mind

Protect Your Business:

If you run a cafe or restaurant the presence of ants can have customers running for the door

Highly Skilled:

Our skilled technicians know how to eradicate the 1,300 species of ants in Victoria so you don’t have to

Licenses Experts:

All our technicians are experienced, skilled, insured and licensed in ant control

Remove Colonies:

One colony can contain thousands of ants that enter your home daily, making full eradication vital