You love your pets, so there’s no room for fleas in your home. When your pet is itching, suffering and in pain, you need a flea control solution that’s 100% safe and effective – and that’s exactly what Jim’s Termite & Pest Control provides to loving pet-owners.

It’s easy to pick up a flea-killing detergent from the supermarket, but unless you kill fleas at the source of their infestation, your cat or dog will end up a carrier to fleas over and over again. As fleas are seeking blood, they’ll happily jump from your furry friends to you with each bite causing skin irritation, swelling and pain.

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria uses a comprehensive flea control treatment plan including:

Thorough inspection of your home

Dusting the roof void and sub-floor

Treat hard floors, couches, rugs and interior surfaces

Treat outside areas including the verandah and backyard

IGR spray designed to sterilise larvae and instantly kill adult fleas

Don’t let your furry friends suffer. Call today on 131 546 for a fast and free quote to eliminate fleas for good.

Signs your home has a flea infestation

Fleas are an invisible pest in Victorian homes, often moving in and hurting your pets without being seen. Flea baths and flea collars may help in the short term, but without a full extermination you risk running into the same problem again and again.

A dozen fleas on your pet can produce 250,000 fleas in the form of eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. So if you’re concerned about fleas, keep an eye out for the following warning signs.

Pets constantly licking or scratching

Dark spots moving under pet’s fur

Redness and irritation on pet’s skin

Loss of hair or fur as a result of scratching

Flea dirt (this looks like black pepper around your home)


Fleas may be brought into your home by rodents, possums or other animals. Don’t assume your itchy bites and dirty debris can’t be fleas just because you don’t own a pet.

Why Choose Jim’s Termite & Pest Control for your flea infestation?

Protect Your Pets:

We make sure you don’t have to watch the family cat or dog scratching themselves red raw and suffering

Complete Extermination:

We don’t just remove living fleas, we also exterminate their eggs and the conditions they thrive on

Save Time:

Removing fleas on your own is time-consuming and tedious (with no guarantees of success)

100% Pet Safe:

Our pesticides are safe for your pets but designed to sterilise and exterminate fleas at all stages of their life cycle

Protect Your Family:

If pets aren’t an option, fleas will target the blood of you and your family instead