Birds rely on your home for shelter, protection from predators, breeding and food. Whether it’s pesky pigeons or an irate Indian Myna – the noise, structural damage and unhygienic droppings are all problems you can do without. Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria supports animal-friendly bird control.

Birds are part of everyday life in Victoria. But if they’re nesting in your roof or gutters, birds can quickly become a frustrating, unhealthy and expensive pest. It’s easy to ignore birds, especially if they’re not disturbing your day-to-day life, but birds invite rodents, insects and harmful bacteria that put you and your family at risk.

Common birds we remove in Victoria include:


Indian Mynas



Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Victoria removes established nests, keeps your roof and gutters clear, and offers a range of bird deterrent methods to suit your specific needs.

Residential and commercial bird control

We understand the longer a bird problem exists, the more expensive it gets. For homeowners this means expensive repairs to gutters and keeping the local roofer on speed dial to repair loose tiles. Without a long term solution this can cause thousands of dollars in damages and repairs.

Birds also pose a serious threat to commercial spaces with Melbourne cafes, restaurants and factories at risk of unhygienic droppings and large-scale food damage. Customers can quickly run for the hills when birds make their favourite stores and eateries into health-risk sites.

Our bird control strategies include:

Bird proofing

Bird netting

Bird spikes

Non-lethal bird shocks

Audio bird deterrents (inaudible to pets and people)

Please Note: Bird removal treatment options will depend on different circumstances and the location of nests. Where serious health and safety hazards occur, we’ll discuss further removal options with you

Why Choose Jim’s Termite & Pest Control for your bird infestation?

Protect Your Health:

Bird droppings carry up to 60 diseases that can easily find their way into your home

Prevent Infestation:

Birds bring fleas, ticks, mites and rodents (turning bird problems into full-blown infestation)

Save Money:

Birds damage roof tiles, dislodge tiles, and destroy gutters to cause thousands in repair bills

Humane Bird Control:

From bird spikes to inaudible sound-based deterrents, our methods are highly effective

Commercial Protection:

Birds can access your business, destroy your inventory and ruin your reputation