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What To Expect From Jim’s Termite & Pest Control

The team at Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Keysborough are experts in eliminating common pests throughout homes and commercial buildings. As Australia’s leading pest control company, we take pride in providing quality customer service and industry-standard solutions to eliminate bugs and pests. Our team of seasoned pest control professionals will not rest until every customer is satisfied. Cockroaches? Ants? No matter the pest, let the experts deal with it.

There are many reasons to hire a qualified pest control service for your home or business. Ensuring a clean, hygienic environment shows you’re meeting your duty of care to those on your premises while making your space more inviting to guests. It lets them know the property is well look after and cared for. From ants to fleas, from mice to bees, Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Keysborough can solve your pest problem.

Does Jim’s Termite & Pest Control provide the service I’m looking for?

The highly qualified team at Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Keysborough offers a wide range of pest control services to suit any home or business in your local area.

When you reach out to Jim’s Termite & Pest Control to eradicate pests early, you’ll not only be sparing yourself thousands of dollars in structural repairs.

When you choose Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Keysborough, you’re choosing the nation’s largest and most trusted provider of pest control services. No matter your pest control needs, you will find your solution among our many services on offer.

Get in touch with Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Keysborough for help with any of the following pest problems:

Bed Bugs

Bee Removal














Pest Inspections

Termite Inspections

End of Lease Pest Control

Consider getting in touch today about our natural pest control services, where we change your environment to curb the effect of pests.

Here are some examples of natural pest control practices –

  • Ants – reduce access to sources of food and moisture. For example, seal all food items in airtight Tupperware and dry your sink after use.
  • Cockroaches – Thoroughly examine all of your grocery bags and boxes as infestation often begins with eggs hidden in these.
  • Termites – Get your pipes professionally checked for leaks as termites seek out sources of moisture.
    With all these services on offer, feel confident knowing that we’ll have the ideal pest control solution for you.